Carly Escoto is a visual artist turned musician, Los Angeles native and worship leader. She always had a knack toward creativity, and had her heart set on pursuing a career in visual arts when music took her by surprise. Though she’d tinker on her guitar at home and sometimes help lead songs at her local Young Life club, she never imagined music could be her full time passion or career. 

  That all changed after she served on Summer Staff at Young Life’s Woodleaf the summer of 2007. While working in the coffee shop, the camp musician at the time ( Brandon Heath) heard her singing along with the radio and asked her about her voice. Unaware that she had anything special, she tried to shrug it off while also mystified that someone so talented would take notice of her. She shared this information with her Summer Staff coordinator who encouraged her to “Pray about it”. Having very little belief that it would come to anything, she started to pray about this potential gift in her, and it grew rapidly. She began to write and noticed something powerful occurring every time she’d share her voice and songs with people. It was impossible to ignore after one of her first ever written songs got placed on a Starbucks album, sold in every store in the US and Canada. 

     When this happened, she shifted from visual arts to pursuing music with more of herself and it has led to years of leading worship, serving as Camp Musician at Young Life camps and releasing and performing her own music.