Symbiosis literally means "together life", or  "the living together of unlike organisms".  Why am I starting my first blog post by defining symbiosis? Well, if you will, please direct your attention to the NAME of my blog. The Cow and the Crane.

     The cow.

   The crane.

What do these two hilariously different animals have anything to do with my life?  I'm still trying to figure this out but...maybe a little bit of backstory will help.

I got married just shy of a month ago to this handsome bugger:  ...

and we spent our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We didn't get much of a chance to explore the country, but on the few occasions we left our resort we saw a ton of livestock grazing the thick green grasses on the sides of the "road"( I use that term loosely as its not very developed down there). Right away, I noticed something that made me smile; I noticed the friendship between the cows and cranes. I almost never saw a cow without a crane sitting right next to it- and I probably saw about a thousand cows that week.

On one of our excursions through the countryside, my husband Jon asked " That's your favorite thing so far, isn't it?". " What?", I asked. " The cranes sitting next to the cows", he replied. " They're BEST friends" I said. He just laughed and I joined him, thinking about how well he knows my strange humor. I tend to find joy in really bizarre things- like cows and crane's being " best friends". The truth is that the two animals have some kind of symbiotic relationship that probably has something to do with cranes eating the cow's flies or something... but I like to think they're best... friends...

So, to bring it all together, I'm starting this blog called " The Cow and the Crane"  because it relates to my life in a few ways.

1) Cows and Cranes, two seemingly opposite creatures who have found one another and stuck with one another for whatever reason, remind me a lot of my husband and I. He's the cow, I'm the crane.. for sure.. either way we're different but we love one another and it somehow works. We are one month into marriage and I already feel like I need to start keeping a record of all that I'm learning.

2) I was inspired by finding the whimsical in cranes and cows on the side of the road in the Dominican Republic that I need to record things I've found to be funny or beautiful or note-worthy...It keeps my eyes open to joyful surprises.

So, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and am crossing my fingers that I remain consistent!

Until next time,

Carly Calmes the First