Lay Miz

I just realized I needed to write a blog for today, the 14th day of my January journey. Luckily, I live in L.A. and by the goodness of my S.A.G. member friends,  I just watched Les Miserables with my friend and blog follower Leah ( she's known as leah m. on here.) Thus, I will tell you what I thought.


Fortunately for you I am tired and feeling a tad under the weather. That, and I feel like everyone in interweb land has said everything and more about this film. It was my first time seeing Les Mis ever so, I particularly enjoyed it and was moved by the reckless grace and pursuit of righteousness of the protagonist. It poses the question throughout the entire narrative, "Is doing the right thing worth it?" and leaves the answer up to the audience.

Whoa, I'm already getting into it!

In an effort to keep this brief, I have chosen to write a two-part haiku about the film in place of a full review.

Here we go...

Beautiful story

Honest tale of sacrifice

Mercy births changed hearts


Wolverine killed it

Crowe should stick to speaking roles

Hathaway is BRIL


With that, I bid you adieu. ( See how I used French? I tied it into the whole Les mis thing)

Goodnight, fair readers. Sleep tight on this monday night. Do the right thing.


Carly Calmes the First


( Ps: Anne's performance of  "I dreamed a dream" is not one bit overrated. One of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen... any art form... any story... any actor...anywhere. Absolutely incredible)