Fluff! Garage dent.




Oof, today is one of those days I just do NOT feel like I have anything to blog about. However, I made a commitment so, here I am! Jon DID say that I need more fluff posts. He really used that term, too. 

I feel just a little bit better today than I did yesterday. 

Wanna know why?

I started cleaning out our garage!

Actually, this week I decided to pull a bit of an end-of-the-year cleaning fest because, with the holidays and all our traveling, we started to live like wild beasts. It really came to a head when I was talking with Jon about how frustrated I was with our level of organization. Our chat went like this...

Me: "I'm so frustrated! I feel like we're BURIED right now beneath layers and layers of CRAP"

Jon: "Nahhhh. Its not bad"

Me: "I feel like, if I walked into our home right now and I wasn't US, I'd think 'These people are slobs'. You know?"

Jon: "Well, we ARE slobs"

(cut to a scene of me LOSING MY MIND)


He said it so casually, too. *scoff

Anyhow, today I decided to start tackling the garage. I only worked on it for about an hour but... I made a dent, eh? Sheck it out:



OK, so its not PERFECT. But, I could only do so much by myself what with all the tools, skis and car parts that are most certainly NOT mine that are floating around there. Jon has three full shelves of torn apart remote control things. Seriously. Cars, helicopters, etc. All deconstructed and crazaaaay.  

 Anyhow, that's pretty much the highlight of my day ( other than a lovely lunch with two pals). I promise to collect cooler stuff to blog about in the days to come. For now, I'm patting myself on the back for getting to work on our lil nest!

Also, I had a dream last night ( that's actually a recurring dream) that I had to re-create our wedding. If you didn't know, I was really involved in all the details of our planning and execution ( flowers, table decor, everything) and I was so stressed. I've been stressed ALL DAY because of it. 



Until Tomorrow, 

Carly Calmes the First