Date Night: Juuuust me


Oh good grief. I google image searched " dating yourself" and this is easily the creepiest thing that came up. It's so creepy its almost hard to look away.

But please, look away.

Moving right along...There are a couple of nights a week where Jon, being the stud muffin that he is, has commitments where he's out of the house and being awesome. Mondays he has shepherd training ( pre-eldership training at the church. He got elected by members of our community and I'm so proud of him!), Thursday evenings where he leads a Bible study for homeless or at-risk pregnant women ( see: stud muffin) and Friday nights where he plays on our church's men's softball team.

     Two out of those three evenings I'm doing stuff ( hanging with shepherd's wives Monday, cheering behind the dugout Friday). But Thursday. Ohhh Thursday is all mine. 

   So tonight, and maybe every Thursday Jon's away, I'm spending some quality time being good to myself. What's on the ol' schedule for tonight? 

   FIrst, after I post this guy I'm unplugging completely. Then, we're gonna kick things off with a lil living room yoga ( a relaxation series I found online... then I'm gonna put some nice tunes on, light a few candles and sit in a hot bath with a good book. To close it off I'm gonna try to love Downton Abbey ( I WILL LOVE YOU, DANGIT! I want to so badly) with a spot of Woodford Reserve ( courtesy of Tim and Lisa, yessss)

I think it's going to be really important as I journey toward self-embrace to give myself a high-five in the form of doing things I love. A wise friend pointed out to me today that there are two ways to view the struggle I'm fighting. It's both the absence of self-love and the presence of self-hatred.

     So while I've determined my anti-regimen of cutting out some tricky behaviors that cause me to stumble down the steep hill toward self-loathing, I'm also going to need to pick up some habits along the way to promote self-love. To do one without the other would be unwise, I say. 

One of those habits are good evenings in like this, me thinks. 

Be good to yourselves, 

Carly Calmes the First