Five FAVE Fridays: Episode 3



    Well folks, this is the last and final installment ( until I see FIT) of Five FAVE Fridays! Although it feels like last friday was yesterday and thus I'm not bubbling over with new faves, I think I can scrape together one last list for this Blog-uary challenge ( if you're new to this, I committed to blogging every day in January. 6 days left y'all!)

1) "We Olive"


In the name of all things amazing with fresh bread... "We Olive" is an oil company local to Cali and has some of the yummiest infused olive oils and vinegars I've ever tasted. My Aunt got be their basil olive oil and their black currant balsamic for Christmas and ohhhh my gooooshhhh. SO DELICIOUSLY DELICIOUS. Just pour some in a dish, hit it with some salt and pepper, grab a fresh loaf of bread ( or not fresh..Just make sure its good bread), put your sweats on and nom away as you enjoy this tasty simple treat. You. Are. Welcome.

2) Pioneer Woman Bruscetta:


I made this this week and it was so yummy and so easy. I call it the lazy girl Bruscetta. I used farmer's market tomatoes and fresh baked bread as well as basil from our own garden and "We Olive" Olive Oil

3) Tender Greens

tendergreens Tender Greens is known for their tasty mix and match entrees, fresh produce and meat and oh good grief the mashed potatoes( swoon). If you have a Tender Greens restaurant nearby you and haven't eaten there yet... Go asap. Its become our lil' church family's fave dinner spot in Santa Monica and I had lunch there this week, reminding me of why its a fave. Their hot plates are a s close as you can get to a yummy homemade meal away from home. I recommend the steak hotplate with mashed potatoes and the baby spinach salad. DEEEELISH!

3) Rachel Evans' Blog Post on Doubt

OK, this is a strange one but, bear with me. I just read this blog post today and found it not only refreshing but incredibly resonant. I'm 80 percent on board with her but, I appreciate her heart so much and think more of us should be this honest about our faith! Read it with a grain of salt but, I think it's beautifully written.

5) Athropologie "Volcano"Candles

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.44.39 PM

I heard my friends around Christmas time talking about these babies, known for being Anthro's signature scent, and I was all but amused. " *Scoff* Yeah, thirty dollars for some candle? I CAN MAKE ONE MYSELF THANKS ( I never have and probably never will make candles.) And thennnn I smelled one last week. All of a sudden I have to have one. They are so yummy and come in a few diff. colors. Yes please.

6 for fun) Having Friends in SAG

If you don't live near L.A. you probably don't know anyone in the Screen Actor's Guild. If you live in L.A.... everyone and their cousin is in SAG ( ok, I'm not. But I'm no thespian). But, the only reason I posted this as a fave is because my good friend just dropped "Argo" off so the hubs and I can watch it sippin some Woodford Reserve.



Carly Calmes the First

PS: Is it bad that most of these were food? Eh.