Saturday Overload

Oh boy. It feels so good to sit down. *Sigh Today has been full but, mostly full of good stuff. This morning kicked off with worship rehearsal which was a blessing and full of laughter with a few friends old and new. Afterwards my pal/partner in crime( she's our amazing church admin/everything-er) Leah and I went thrifting and antiquing which is always good for the soul wallet fun.

I was already pooped but then... oh yes... then I came home to my living room re-arranged ( something we planned to do) but disorganized and then headed out for a trip to IKEA.


Image Image

WHAT AM I, NEW? Not only is IKEA on a Saturday the equivalent to Christmas Eve at L.A.X. ( Constant flow of people going in one direction with all kinds of pressure to move quickly without getting killed or pulled over) but I went with the image of my disorganized home firmly planted in my brain.

" I WILL FIX YOU, HOME. I WILL USE MYSTICAL IKEA MAGIC TO DO SO", I said to myself while forgetting to breathe/blink.

Anyhow, 3 hours and 300 dollars later, we survived with a new area rug, entertainment console, shelves, clock, and a bag full of other goodies. We made it. By the skin of our teeth. We didn't even get meatballs!!!

NO meatballs= Musta been one crazy trip to IKEA. The craziness knocked the OCD right out of me.

Anyhow we got home with about 30 minutes until we got to pop over to watch our neighbors' 7 and 3 year old kids. It was a pretty mellow night full of Dinosaur movies, playing dinosaur and karate wrestling ( the 3 year old was The dino, the 7 year old is in karate, Jon was the victim. I filmed) bath time ( which was funny to watch Jon pull off. It was very "Big Daddy" but very sweet), games, milk and cookies and story time.

This was the first time we've babysat for our neighbors while they went out for a night on the town. I consider myself a pro at babysitting but it was new to do it with Jon. We are definitely not ready for kids but, its fun to try and care for some together in the meantime. Especially great kids like these.

Highlights of the evening include:

1) "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME WIPE MY BUTT!!???" While playing a delightful game of.. oh I don't remember, Archie(3) ran to the restroom and with the door flung open proceeded to... Need some help. He screamed out "CAN SOOOOMEONE PLEASE COME WIPE MY BUTT!!!?". Everything on Jon's face said " There is no way I'm doing that" as he shook his head violently looking at the ground. I wasn't about to traumatize his 7 year old sister with that action so... I took one for the team, put my mom instincts on and helped the kid out. If those were our kids? Oh, Jon would be headed into that restroom at least every other time you'd better believe it!!


As I closed the door behind the three year-old's room whilst Jon read him a goodnight story, and strolled over with my 7 year old pal to her room to do the same, she threw her hands in the air, shook her head and said, with the salt-of-the-earth 'tude of Bill Cosby "Well, You know, this is just WHAT ITS LIKE having two kids that are CRAZY."

Thanks for the heads up, Stell.

Needless to say, I am absolutely spent. I'm set to kick up my feet and snuggle up with Jon and my pup. I leave you gingerly with this brilliant display of Lord Of the Rings Impression'ry from my beloved.


Carly Calmes the First