The Importance Of Your Eyes ( and their teamwork with your mouth)

100_2788 ( My adorable huz with his love glasses on. Idn't he precious?)

Today I was reminded twice, from both the giving and receiving ends, how important it is to be someone who sees and tells.

What I mean by that is, sometimes the purpose of your presence in someone's life is to influence them in certain ways, to laugh and enjoy each other, but what I'm finding these days is its often to be good eyes for them.

The way that we see ourselves is incredibly skewed. We can't see our own potential, beauty, progress or gifting in the way that others and God can. While its important to not allow the opinions of others totally shape who we are, it IS important to allow others to speak into who we are when they are a loving and trust worthy source. In the same way, it's important to be eyes to see for those you love.

When you sit back and see a friend's beauty or talent... don't assume that they know or that they're being told. When you see someone making progress toward their goals and dreams, point it out. When you recognize any good at all, claim it.

Chances are... they don't know. Chances are, they needed it- because God put you there to say it. 

I was blessed today to get a phone call from an old friend who has known me since before I started to sing in front of people or write at all. With her experience and perspective on my story, she was able to speak words of life into me... words I was desperate for. She reminded me of who I am in ways that I had forgotten. And you know, I don't think she was calling me with hopes of inspiring me or reviving my calling, I think she just wanted to catch up and told me some stuff that was pretty plain for her to see.

Often, the beauty that's obvious to you is totally hidden to the person you're observing it in. You have a responsibility to call it out.

Then on the flip side, I spent a few moments tonight with a friend who was convinced they were goin nowhere fast. To me? Oh, they are coming to life! They are courageous and strong and on the path to total freedom and light. However, without the good eyes of someone who is just far enough from the inner walls of your heart to see how incredible you are, you may never know it. She still doesn't quite know it. But, to me its so easy... I'm just gonna keep sayin it. Its true.

So go ahead, y'all. Get uncomfortable and take the risk of calling out wonders you see in those you love. They might not know that they are extraordinary, yet.

(But they are)


Carly Calmes the First

PS: I'm really bad at this. I know I need to get better. I'm very uncomfortable with affection and the like but... I'm praying for the courage to be an expert at encouragement. Its good.