If the shoe fits

cinderella-slipper-large Wear it OUT.

I just got home from performing for 2 and a half hours straight for an event for a non-profit and I am SPENT.

I'm tired, but I'm tired from doing what I think I might be made for.

Its always important to observe the state of your heart, but its particularly important when it comes to vocation. At the risk of sounding idealistic, I believe that we were all created to do specific things- Things that we don't know that we're made for until we're doing it.

After years of debating and fighting with God... I believe that what I was specifically created to do is to write songs and to sing them for people. I came to the stark conclusion of this a few weeks ago.. and I guess I've known a little bit since I started doing this. God has given me sign after sign, opened door after door.. But one of the ways I know in my guts is how I feel after I do it.

After I finish singing... After I finish singing my own songs, I feel like I'm connected to myself in a way that is second to none. I feel like the shoe fits. We all get so used to wearing shoes that don't fit because we assume that's life.

But if we believe that there's a God that created us intentionally with gifts, talents and connections...Is it far off to think that we might be able to do things with our lives, even professionally, that feel like what we were made for?

I've been meeting with a great life coach who works specifically with connecting your calling and vocation, and working very practically toward getting you to live out your calling

Last week we talked about the levels of job satisfaction. They are as follows:

1- This job is literally only for the money. It doesn't connect to who I am at all.

2- There's one thing about this job that connects to who I am

3- There are a few things that connect to who I am

4- This job is in the same field as what I am created for. However, there are still areas I compromise. 

5- Total integration. I get paid to live out my calling.

Its been an adventure to explore this. I'm sharing this with you in hopes that you find yourself in one of these places... and dream a little bit about what 5 would even look like for you. Don't get me wrong, there are jobs that need to be done that might feel for the majority like a 1 or 2. However, what if?

One of my favorite side effects to doing what I think I'm made for is the divine confidence boost that comes. When I'm living into who God has created me to be, I am filled with a sense of purpose and identity that fills my heart with a confidence that is genuine. Genuine confidence?

Its like gold at the cusp of the rush. Treasure that's worth adventuring toward.

Here's to finding a shoe that fits and wearing the crap out of it.

Sincerely,  Carly Calmes the First.